Sunday, December 14, 2008

Teenager in the House!!

Today was a big day for my sweet Zach!! He has now entered the teen world! This boy still melts my heart. His tenderheartedness and compassion for others are two qualities that make him special. We have started a new tradition in our house called Birthday week and Zach was the first recipient. I wanted to bring a cake to his school and he about died-"Mom, I don't want to be the center of attention!" I wanted to bring him to Texas Road house so they could put a hat on him and dance and sing to him-his response-"No Way!" So on Friday I brought him a Jimmy John sub sandwich and just so happened the secretary at the school granted me permission to interrupt class and deliver it to him. When the teacher opened the door Zach's face turned bright red and Zoe ran across the room and gave him a great big hug! His teacher made a big deal about Zach's birthday to embarrass him even more. That night we went shopping with Zach's birthday money and the sweet boy offered to buy his sister Nike Shox even after she was being a little turd to him. Generosity is another quality God instilled in Zach that I love. Sat. morning came and Zach had the entire day planned. BLT's for lunch, open presents then spend the entire day with only his HERO! The look on Zach's face when he opened his presents was to die for. He got new riding gear and you would have thought we bought him a new car. He immediately put it on and him and Tom hit the road to play in the dirt. You see we have 2 dirt bikes sitting in our garage left here by Matt and Jen and Zach's perfect day was riding in the woods, so off he and Tom went. ADVENTURE-another quality I love about this boy but scares the pants off of me! Zach, like his dad, has NO FEAR and loves to take risks. The day finished off with a Platter of Hot Wings at Buffalo Wild Wings and a window shopping trip to Cabella's. I must say I was a little jealous that his perfect day didn't include me, but love the fact that he has an awesome daddy to hang out with!

I am so thankful that God trusted us with this sweet boy and pray that God will bless him with many more happy years!


Stefanie said...

What an AWESOME birthday that sweet boy has had!! He got what he wanted... and BOY, does he look COOL or what???
Give him some HUGE squeezes from us, we sure wish we could have been there to help celebrate!!!
Lots and lots of love from all of us :)

Lisa Cairney said...

Happy Birthday, Zach!!!! We are such LOSERS! We totally forgot to call and sing your chachachas to you!!! So glad you had a great day...a great WEEK....we love you! And good job, Momma, on the birthday week embarrassing....he'll have the best stories when he's older about all the ways his momma showered him with LOVE.

Angela said...

Happy happy late birthday Zach!

Stefanie said...

Hey girl!! What's up? I am missing you and all that is going on with your family...
Hope you are all doing well :)
Lots of love!

Jill said...

WOW! Happy Birthday to the new teen in the duds and bike!!