Monday, December 1, 2008

Do you remember as a kid the excitement and anticipation of going on a trip and getting to see your friends? I can remember, it seemed like the time would never come and the trip seemed like it took forever to get to the final destination(well in my case it really did cause my dad would make frequent potty stops!) Well the day finally arrived for us to leave and the car was packed with excitement and anticipation and yes the 5 hour drive extended a little longer because I seemed to have acquired my dad's need for frequent potty stops! When we finally arrived it seems as if time had never passed! The entire crew just picked up right where we had left off!

Thanksgiving had lots of.........Like lots of turkey and good food!

Lots of...air soft guns with little green pellets everywhere!

Lots of.....lovin' and kids!!


(Sorry Lis-I love this picture it reminds me of Polish Pottery runs!)

Lots of....male bonding over some good ole hot wings!!

Lots of.....Laughter!!!!

Lots of...trying to get a family picture for Christmas cards.

Lots of....great memories!! I am so very thankful that God gives good gifts. The gift of friendship is such a blessing! Thanks to both of these sweet families for making our thanksgiving unforgettable!


Lisa Cairney said...

WHAT! you are so busted. BUSTED, woman! Wait until the photo retaliation begins on my blog!!! Stefanie gets pics with her hair and makeup done and I get....NO HAIR OR MAKEUP DONE, PUFFY FACED, RUNNING WITH MY FLAB HANGING OUT, UNAUTHORIZED UNFLATTERING PICS!!!!! No fair. You are so busted.

Good thing I can't stop loving you.

Stefanie said...

LOVE IT! So glad you posted that picture of her, it's awesome! And I love all the other pics too!! I need all those good ones you got on your camera... like the one of you pinching Marilyn Monroe's hiney :)
Love you, girl!! It's WAY too quiet around here!

Angela said...

I love the new layout. Sounds like you had a great time with friends. I take Dom to the doc today so will let you know what we find out.