Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It is Finished!!!!

I have finally finished taping myself to complete my RPM cert with Les Mills. Although I have taught aerobics for a while I must say this has been the most intense and extremely hard certification I have ever done. About 3 months ago the foot doctor told me NO MORE STEP AEROBICS!!! It seems I have developed heel spurs in both feet and plantar fasciitis which is very painful! The doctor hooked me up with some sweet night splints to wear, and let me say, thank goodness I have been married for awhile because there is nothing sexy about climbing into bed with moon boots on!!! None the less I needed to find something else to teach so I thought I would try RPM (cycling). The initial training was Sat and Sun 8am to 5 pm both days. I went totally unprepared to ride a bike 16 hours. I always thought people wore those padded bike shorts to look cool and the bike shoes just added to the coolness, but that is not the case! After riding 14 hours my bootie was so sore I wanted to die. Well, that weekend we biked 80 miles and overloaded on information. To complete the cert we were given 3 months to memorize 9 songs and tape record ourselves be graded!! Well, in true Chenoa fashion I waited until the last min. to accomplish this huge task. Mon 5:30 am I taped and low and behold when I viewed the tape I was horrible!! It is very humbling to watch yourself on video, especially for 1 hour straight! After 2 more tapping's I think I am finally done and ready to be raked over the coals! I only hope when they view the tape they will be blinded by the diamond in my nose and miss all of my mistakes!!
Now I can get to the good stuff! Hookin' up with my home girls for Thanksgiving! I am so thankful for these friendships and cherish every moment our families get to spend together(only wish the William's family could join us!) This is an event we look forward to every year. Although the last 3 years we have gone to the Cairney's home in Ohio, this year we are going to Kansas to see Stefanie's new home! One might call us crazy having 13 kids and 6 adults in one house for 3 days, we just consider it pure FUN!!! Lots of laughs and tons of good food and usually some shopping, proves to be a great time! I hope everyone has a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!


granny50170 said...

What the heck were you doing up at 5:54 am? I can barely get you out of bed at 7:30a.m.!!! You must be excited about going to KS. Sure wish I could go with you sounds like lots of fun. Luv ya, ma

Angela/Isaiah said...

have fun!