Saturday, November 8, 2008

My sweet friend from did this to me. I feel totally intimidated by her blogging because I don't know anyone else that can me laugh so much that my stomach hurts. But here I go:

1. I am a coffee snob. I always try to beat my husband to the coffee pot in the morning so I can make the coffee to my standard. Super strong-so strong that my old neighbor would come over and get a cup of my coffee if she needed to use the bathroom. I do not like to order coffee while we are out and about unless it is from Starbucks and at home I prefer to brew Folgers Colombian. I drink it black or with only a little cream. Lately I have been in a little bit of a deli ma--International Delight quit making "Vanilla Toffee Carmel" my favorite creamer that I have used for the last 6 years. Lately, I have been seen standing in front of the creamer cooler starring at the assortment of creamers trying to figure out what to buy. I think I have bought every flavor and none of them compare to my "Vanilla Toffee Carmel!"

2.I married my husband 30 days after I met him. I would not recommend this to anyone! By God's grace we stayed married. I remember Tom came home from work and said if we want to get housing allowance we need to get married, so next thing I knew we were on our way to Reno to get married. After we got our marriage license we walked across the street to the Starlite Wedding Chapel and waited for a preacher. To my amazement I watched the man that married us walk out of the bar and walk into the chapel. Fifteen min. later we were married. After we were hitched we tried to go to the casino for the buffet but the bouncer kicked me out for being too young. We were babies--I still had braces on my teeth for Pete's sake! Although the first 3 years were not so great I can say now I love my husband to pieces and am thankful for the 18 years we have spent together!

3. I love to talk to myself all day long. Yes it is true I love to talk and during the day when my kids are gone and Tom is gone I just talk to myself. While I am writing this I am thinking I am weird! Even Zoe has picked up on this. I will hear her talking and ask her who are you talking to? "Myself, momma like you do." Please don't seek help for me until I start hearing voices.

4. I never wear underwear when I work out. Oh yeah, no panties so I don't have to worry about weggies and pantie lines.

5.I had my car repoed when I was in college. This was a very shameful moment for me!! I remember 2 guys knocking on my dorm room and saying we are taking your car now. So I had to walk to the parking lot and hand over the keys. I was totally at fault and had not made a payment in 4 months. I was a starving college student trying to pay for books, tuition, food only working 15 hrs a week at HyVee.

6. I think I am a little OCD! Although I have never been officially diagnosed I think I could fall in this category. I like my things a certain way and get a little irritated if not done just right. Towels folded my way, my closet color coded, shoes lined a certain way. Well, maybe this is just considered a control freak!

7. I love to dumpster dive! One might find me poking my head out of a dumpster or walking out of an abandoned house. I am not picky I enjoy digging through peoples trash out on the curb. In California I knew the trash mans schedule and I would drive by the houses to pick up my goodies before the trash man got there. In Oklahoma I made friends with the trash man and he would actually deliver things to my house that I had told him I was looking for. Oklahoma was also good because we had allies with dumpsters which made it easy to find treasures!!

Ok now I am going to pass on this little gift and like Lisa I am new to blogging and don't know a lot of people in the blog world so I am taggin Jen at, Larissa at, and Lydia at


Lisa said...

Yay, you did it, Chenoa! You are a good friend. And an HONEST one. :) My personal favorite on the list was the no panties one. I bet your spinning class attendance goes up after this particular post. :)

Love you, girl!


LaShea said...

Well now you know me on blogging. I am new to this as well. But it helps to keep in touch with Jen and Lariss, and now you. So how have you and the family been?