Monday, November 3, 2008

Who are you and where is my husband?

For the last 18+ years this is how I watched Tom leave for work! I must say I like a man in a uniform-oh so sexy! But this morning this is how I watched Tom leave the house.
That is right a suit and tie! He cleans up pretty nice, and I have to admit I like this look to! Or maybe it is just that I like him?!? As we are getting closer and closer to that retirement date Tom has been searching for a job. Although for years he told everyone he wanted to be a garbage man he decided maybe he should use his degree he has worked hard to get and some of that airplane experience! After watching the movie Fireproof I tried to convince him he needed to be a fireman because I like that uniform too! Non the less He had his first interview this morning and I can't believe how crazy nervous I was for him. I felt like a momma sending her kid off to school for the first time. I wanted so bad to go with him and walk him to the door, but he told me he didn't think that would look so good. As I watched him drive away I couldn't help but wonder what's next? What does God have in store for us? Where will He use us next?
When Tom first started searching for jobs I became obsessed! I was constantly looking on line for a job and I had no clue really what they were saying in the job descriptions, I just thought you've done one airplane you could do them all--well I was wrong. I was driving Tom nuts!!! It was one Wed. morning after Bible study (Calm My Anxious Heart) that I totally gave it to God, even though I really never had control of the situation in the first place, I just thought I did. I prayed that I would totally trust God in this situation and quit wasting my time. It was then that I truly felt ok, I prayed "God I know you already have a plan for us, I know you love us and wherever you lead us I will go, I do have to admit I had one simple request--No Snow!!!" Why does it amaze me every time that when we do submit to God's authority in our life it brings peace? I have been told a time or two that I am stubborn but you think I would have gotten this by now. It is then that Tom finally started getting calls and my family got their mom back. One of the statements in my Bible study I like is:

It's our "helping God out" that leads to an anxious heart. When we take over and try to control what happens, we take our focus off the One who is in control and put our eyes on our circumstances. I Timothy 6:15 says the blessed controller of all things, the king over all kings and the master of all masters.

I pray that over the next months while our life is totally in limbo I would daily remember this and keep my focus on Jesus my blessed controller.


Lisa said...

Look at yo' man, all dressed up in a suit and tie! Not even a sponge bob tie! I'm excited to hear how it went!!!! We were praying. Love you guys!

The Giles Family said...

So your Tom will be retiring soon... Where do you plan on retiring or will that depend on where he gets a job?... I'm in the process of doing Beth Moore's 90 day study, DAVID-With A Heart Like His, and it deals with the very same issue... Letting Go And Letting God...The truth is many times it's so second nature to just step in and try to fix things before giving them to God... For me, it seems to be a constant struggle! So,way to go, girl!

Tom looks great! I've always found something very sexy about a man in a suit and tie! Oooh La, La! Now if I could only get my Tom to put one on! LOL...

My Heart Beats In China said...

Hello there, just wandered onto your site from Lisa's and had to say Hi!

Well, I must admit, I always went for men in uniform. My sister used to say I would run after the fedex man if I could! I actually did when we got our referral LOL!

I too am married to a man in uniform (ret) works for the govn't now in law enforcement. I was a civilian flight nurse and ER nurse my entire career and now full time Mommy to a Hunan Princess!

Adore your site and beautiful family.

Blessings from our house to yours!


Lisa said...

Hey, girl...

I am about to award you this HONEST WEBLOG'll have to check out my blog after 5pm EST to see the you, Chenoa!

Lis :)