Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat or Treat

Zoe was so exctied for Halloween to finally get here! As soon as Zach and Bay left for school she wanted me to put her costume on. I had a ton of places to go before I took her to school and she proudly walked around with her cow costume on collecting candy at every stop. I am Bay's room mom at school so I was in charge of planning the class room party and in true Chenoa fashion I waited until the last min. to get all the supplies. I guess I waited too long because even Wal-mart was sold out of our favorite yummy sugar cookies. After many stops, supplies in hand and one sugar high little 4 yr old I dropped her off at school for her first Halloween party. Then off to pick up Pizza and I made it to Bay's room just in the nick of time to catch some of the parade around the school. Bay decided she would be a soccer player (how original). The party was a hit and I am so glad it is over. Somehow I get talked into doing these parties every year and yet I don't ever remember signing up for that. The Pressure to keep the kids interested in the games is intense but they seemed to like the games so all is well.

Bay's Kindergartner she reads to.

This year Zach and his friends decided to venture out trick or treating on their own. They were more interested in scaring people than they were in getting candy. Tom, Bay, Zoe and I started out together but after just 3 houses Tom and Bay ditched Zoe and I because we were too slow. I loved watching Zoe run to the houses and inspect every piece of candy she got! She would say "Trick or Treat or Treat" and people would laugh. At one of the houses Zoe got an empty M&M wrapper and when she walked away she handed it to me saying "Momma they gave me garbage!" The man at the house heard her and just started laughing-he had just eaten the M&M's and accidently gave Zoe the wrapper. Since he felt bad he loaded her little pumpkin up with good stuff! In the end Tom and Bay decided they should have stayed with us becuse Zoe got the most candy-- much to her delight!! All of the kids dumped their candy on the garage floor and sorted it into piles, as I watched them it reminded me of when I went trick or treating and my brothers and I would sort our candy in piles and trade what we didn't like for our favorites. Thankfully my kids blessed their momma with all of their Twix bars!! We finished the night sitting around the fire with friends and neighbors enjoying the unusually warm weather.


Stefanie said...

Those costumes are too funny! How does Zach manage to make a cow costume look COOL??
I'm with you on the Twix, girl... those are my favorite! Well, those and Snickers :)

Lisa said...

Oooh...I wish I could have been sitting around the fire with you! Loved the costumes and good job, Room Momma!!!! I noticed you had a little help from Mr. Tom. They are going to miss you two at that school!