Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Enjoyin' The Warm Weather

Oh my goodness it was so pretty out today we had to get out and enjoy the warm weather because you never know how long it is going to last! I decided to wash my nasty car and I mean nasty. Tom and Zach thought it would be funny to empty the house gutters on top of my car and it was gross plus I have found that driving on the gravel roads gets me around town faster but from all the rain last week the dirt roads have turned to mud. Let me tell you mud plus wet gutter leaves is not a good mixture. Zoe and I pulled out the hose and got to work!

Bailey is doing the coolest school project! Every 5th grader is suppose to find jobs to do for neighbors and family. With the money they earn they get to go to the grocery store on a class field trip and buy groceries for the Food Bank in Bellevue. They want to fill the food bank for the Holidays rapidly approaching us. So, after school Bailey decided to rake the neighbors yard. I think she thought it would take an hour or so but it ended up taking almost 3 hours of hard work! How can you rake leaves without running and jumping in them--I am convinced you can't. Zoe and I couldn't resist the big huge pile of leaves so we joined Bay.


Lisa said...

Good job, Bay!!! Think of all those hungry kids you are going to feed with your hard work. I'm proud of you.


Miss Lisa

And PS, Tom. That was nasty. Good job.

Angela/Isaiah said...

Woo Hoo Bay!
We have been enjoying the beautiful weather too!
See you soon!
Love Ya!