Sunday, October 26, 2008

Soccer Comes To An End

Bailey had her final soccer game this weekend with the Galaxy team. It has been fun to watch the girls really come together and play as a team. They work hard every week at practice then play their little hearts out on Saturday's. This was the first season for them to play on the big field and there is quite a bit of difference in the amount of running they have to do. This has become one of Bay's passions--she loves soccer!!! I can remember the first year she played and we had to keep telling her which way to kick the ball so she didn't make a goal for the opposing team. She hung in there and each year has worked hard to learn the game. Thanks to two wonderful coaches the last 2 seasons she has really become quite the little player. Although I will miss watching her play I have to admit it will be nice to finally sleep in on a Saturday morning!!! After the game we celebrated at Wendy's. It was here that the boys decided it would be funny to make Zoe see how fast she could eat her frosty. Well, you know what happens when you eat cold stuff fast--Brain Freeze!! We laughed so hard at our drama queen and her brain freeze!

Tom and I finally had a date night and went to see the much talked about movie "Fireproof"! What a great movie! It was just a reminder to me how God can change our rags to riches, when we totally surrender to Him. It is only when we lay down our pride and call out for our Father to help us that He can make something beautiful out of trash. I can remember in my marriage when I wanted to quite trying! I gave it to God and just asked that He would change both of us! We had a lot of growing up to do! He never promises that it will be easy but He does promise that He will never leave us!! It also made me think--Do I have anything that I need to take a ball bat to in my life? Anything that is taking my attention away from pursuing my husband like God intended? It is not always as clear at Kirk's problem in the movie. Like the song Slow fade says its when the black and white turns to grey! I was also reminded that living my life according to God's standards is a huge example to those people he puts around me. People are watching how I treat my husband, how I treat my kids and how I respond to conflict among other things. I don't always have to have the perfect words to say--my actions speak louder than my words. One saying that we have taught our kids is Love God and Love Others and if we are truly living this way then it brings true joy. Do I always do this?? No, I fail but thanks to God's grace I can humbly go before Him and ask forgiveness. I am so thankful that God didn't let me give up on my marriage but has blessed me with being married to a man I can call my best friend!


Lisa said...

Great post, girl. Good inspiration for me....Stef told me she went to see this too...looks like John and I will need to make a movie date night. :) Tell Bay congrats...I can just imagine the fire in her eyes out there on the field!

Jen said...

Bay, i hope you find an awesome team @ your new home!!! Zoe, your so crazy!!!!Love you guys, Ms. Jen