Thursday, October 23, 2008

Let The Sewing Begin

The Last couple of days have been rainy and cold!! I know the snow is right around the corner--URRR!!! For some reason this type of weather gets my creative juices flowing and since I can not redecorate a room in my house, I dug out my sewing machine, wiped off the dust and transformed my kitchen into a craft room. I have the cutest fabric I got at my favorite little quilt shop that has been sitting in a bag, so I decided to make a purse and finish another tote bag I started in July. Of course the moment I get my supplies out I have two little helpers right next to me wanting to sew also. Time to cut fabric and I could hear squeals coming from Zach's room so I ran to see what was the problem. Oh MY goodness, the things Zach and Bay can talk Zoe into amazes me!! They had drawn all over her face with markers and tattooed their own bodies!Thank goodness it was not permanent markers. Scary part was I saw Zoe armed with a marker herself and chasing Zach and Bay. After all the commotion finished, we started our purses and sewed for the next 3 hours. It is so fun for me to watch Bay sew she is singing and dancing the entire time but somehow gets her work done. We gave Zoe all of our scrap fabric and she let her creative juices flow by decorating a pumpkin for her little preschool. These days Tom is at class 4 nights a week so poor Zach is stuck with 3 girls. We tried to get him to sew a purse but he drew the line and decided to get his gear ready for his big air soft fight instead. He is a serious army dude when it comes to an airsoft fight! He packed his army bag, loaded his gun, got his hard hat ready and tried on all of his camo. After all Zach's preparations, we were still sewing and he caved!! He helped me finish my tote bag. I just love that boy!


Jen said...

That is soooo sweet.

All these years and you never taught me how to sew.
I love your bag sooooo soooo cute. Luv ya, Jen

***LARISSA*** said...

YAY!!! You have a blog... I'm adding you to my favorite blogs right now :) The photo of the kids in Old Market is really cute - what a great place to take pictures... I can't wait to see how they all turned out when you get them!

Beverly said...

So sorry about your fall. Sounds like something I would do, oh I mean have done with baby in arms.

Stefanie said...

Looks like FUN! Can't wait to see those babies of yours at Thanksgiving :)
Love you, girl!

Lisa said...

Jack wants to do airsoft with Zach. It looks like I better get him a better helmet though. Zach looks super prepared. Maybe this year, they should both wear cups before they go out... :) Love that you are doing the blog, Miss Chenoa. I love you!