Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Family Picture Day

Today I finally decided to attempt professional pictures of my kids. Just thinking about it stressed me out. The thought of finding something matching for them to wear and making sure every ones hair was ok and getting there on time never sounds fun to me. My motivation is our little Zoe. Since we got home from China with her I have never had all 3 kids pictures taken together and she has noticed that she is not in any pictures. So while at girls night I met Carrie Newell owner of Uniquely You Portraits www.uyportraits.com and set up our appointment. Saturday morning we painted toes, straightened hair, cleaned faces and headed to meet Carrie at the Old Market downtown Omaha. Although it was a tad bit cold for my barefoot pictures I wanted, the kids did great (with a little bribe of a trip to the candy store)! We had fun climbing trees and rocks and jumping the stream for pictures. I can't wait to see how they turned out!

Time for mom to pay up on the candy so we visited the Old Market Candy store and found enough sugar and chocolate for the entire week! Walking around the old market is something I just love to do but do not do enough. It is so pretty with the brick streets, old brick buildings, horse and carriage rides and tons of flowers. We found a quaint Pizza place for lunch where the chef still tosses the dough in the air to make the brick oven pizzas. We looked in all the little shops having a relaxing Saturday UNTIL I totally fell out of a store down the cement stairs while holding Zoe. I wanted to DIE! First it hurt really bad and Second there was at least 50 people watching me if not more. Well, there I was laying in the middle of the side walk with Zoe and she was crying telling us she broke her arm (she tends to be our DRAMA QUEEN)! Not one person came to my rescue-so Zach and Bay got me up and helped me to the curb. I tore up both of my shins and smashed both knees and busted a blood vessel in my hand and on top of that I trashed my favorite shoes!!! See why I don't do pictures!

We did have a great day and if you ever want to go to the old market I would love to take you--minus the music store!


Jen said...

WOOOOO HOOOO!!!! I'm so excited your blogging again. I love all the pictures Your kids are so cute and growing up to fast.
I'm so sorry you got hurt, I hope your better.
I tried to share with Chan about the love that Zach has for his sisters but he wasn't buying it. To bad though, Zach's so sweet I love him!!! Miss you, Jen

Angela/Isaiah said...

I am so excited to read all about your sweet family.

Lisa said...

CHENOA! Which shoes did you trash? Not the DANSKOS, did you? OH NO.

Lisa said...

I forgot to say that I'm so sorry you fell. And that I didn't get to see it. Or help you up, after I peed my pants laughing. Just think, though, Chenoa...if I peed my pants, no one would be looking at you anymore so you wouldn't be so embarrassed. But it still would have hurt. I'm sorry. Good thing you are so tough!