Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wresting for the Scouts

Zach has found a new love--Wrestling! Every night after school Zach has been practicing with his team at Lewis and Clark Middle School for 2 hours. He was so excited when he came home with a team warm-up and uniform! Although I don't really understand the fun in wearing a Singlet, I think it is worse than wearing a speedo, Zach doesn't seem to mind! I also have a hard time watching someone besides his dad twist him into a little pretzel, so half the time I have to watch with my hands over my eyes. But Zach loves it and is having fun and we are proud of him for trying his hardest!
Just a little pre-match nerves!!
Oh, yes that is Zach stuck on his back getting chocked to death!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Father Daughter Dance

After 5 hard days of house hunting I made it back to Nebraska just in time to get Bay ready for her big night out with her Daddy. Every year the base has a Father/Daughter dance and we finally were able to get tickets!!! It is such a popular event it usually is sold out before I can get tickets--well not this year!! Daddy was at the ticket office before it opened to make sure he could take his little Princess for a night she will hopefully never forget!! This year the theme was Disco and I thought it would be cool for Bay to dress Disco, but she wanted to dress pretty instead!! Shocking to me since she usually chooses Zach's clothes over her own! I found 3 pretty dresses and she picked her favorite one ( I have to add it was on clearence for $7!!). Bay and Daddy looked to good!! I warned Bay about Tom's dancing--not so good! In the end they had a great night!!

Everyone needs Disco Glasses!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dallas Market

Purses, Jewelry, Shoes, Clothes, Friends and Good Food--All the things I love! Every January I get to go to Dallas with my friends Rhonda and Tina to work in Rhonda's wholesale booth. Rhonda and I met 20 years ago when I first moved to California. The first Sunday I went to church in California I sat by her and she must have felt sorry for me looking lost and confused. We hooked up and I was her sidekick, often asked if we are sister's because of our nappy hair. We have remained good friends even though we have been miles apart. Tina is Rhonda's Friend she grew up with in San Antonio and I have known for about 13 years now.

Rhonda and Tina picked me up at the airport and we hit the road to market to start the set up. After unloading the uhaul it usually takes us about 4 hours to build her booth. Every year it is fun to see what new items Rhonda has added to her line and every year her creativity pays off and draws many, many women to our booth to ooh, and ahh! This year it was Recaps. Rhonda made thousands of beer & pop caps into necklace charms and they were the hot item this year!

Don't mess with a girl holding needle nose pliers!!

Market starts bright and early Friday morning and goes until Monday. It is a long 4 days of standing on your feet but we always seem to have fun! I love meeting all the people and getting their stories. Retail is very competitive so there is usually a good fight somewhere between vendors that is exciting to watch and it is amusing to see how the women are dressed. Tina never fails to keep us laughing. This year Tina introduced me to Bon Qui Qui on Youtube. If you haven't seen Bon Qui Qui you need to visit her. It seems as if Tina has missed her calling, she either needs to be a comedian or work at Burger King with Bon Qui Qui.

Tina's Feet were hurting so she gave me her winer face!

Although it is fun to get away, by Monday I am ready to get home and see my family!! Tom and the kids welcomed me home with Mommas favorite treat "Twix Bars!!" Thanks Rhonda for letting me help you and as always I had a great time!

Sushi Anyone??

Ok, after all the cleaning got done and the house got listed on the market I was still snowed in our house. What's a girl to do?? After I had watched all the movies I could stand and broke up many wrestling matches, cleaned up a gallon of white paint dumped out on our living room carpet and vacuumed all the ceilings I decided to make sushi!! Rowdy and Jessica stopped by our house on the way home from California so I decided to have her teach me how to SUSHI baby! Lately I have gotten hooked on Sushi from the commissary but it is way too expensive so I was determined to make it myself. Jessica and I headed out to the Korean Market and bought all the ingredients, little did I know there were so many different kinds of rice. I have always bought Jasmine rice because that is what my sweet friend Lisa told me to buy, but sushi needs sticky rice so Jasmine wouldn't do. With all the ingredients in hand we rushed home and cleared the kitchen to start creating! I had a blast making the sushi rolls and with each one I made I got a little better at rolling them tight. I had even more fun eating them all!! Thanks Jessica for a fun night!