Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sushi Anyone??

Ok, after all the cleaning got done and the house got listed on the market I was still snowed in our house. What's a girl to do?? After I had watched all the movies I could stand and broke up many wrestling matches, cleaned up a gallon of white paint dumped out on our living room carpet and vacuumed all the ceilings I decided to make sushi!! Rowdy and Jessica stopped by our house on the way home from California so I decided to have her teach me how to SUSHI baby! Lately I have gotten hooked on Sushi from the commissary but it is way too expensive so I was determined to make it myself. Jessica and I headed out to the Korean Market and bought all the ingredients, little did I know there were so many different kinds of rice. I have always bought Jasmine rice because that is what my sweet friend Lisa told me to buy, but sushi needs sticky rice so Jasmine wouldn't do. With all the ingredients in hand we rushed home and cleared the kitchen to start creating! I had a blast making the sushi rolls and with each one I made I got a little better at rolling them tight. I had even more fun eating them all!! Thanks Jessica for a fun night!

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Lisa Cairney said...

Yum!!! I want some sushi! Did you never do that with Chicka and me???? I remember she had us for that recital and I thought you came with me to learn how to do the sushi? Well...I'm impressed, girl. Looks good. Dee-lish. So glad to see your pretty face again, Miss Chenoa, and am praying for QUICK sale of the house!!!!! Love you bunches and bunches!