Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Lights 101

I had a wild hair to put my tree up and decorate for Christmas. Sounds pretty normal except for the fact I had to crawl up in the attic to get all the decorations, Tom was in the middle of doing homework and Zoe had to be picked up from school in 35 min. Did that stop me??? No way I climbed up in the attic and instantly my ADD kicked in and I decided I should organize the entire attic while searching for the Christmas boxes. After many screams "Honey" , "Honeyyy", Tom came to my rescue and we managed to get the Christmas tree down the ladder along with 8 plastic tubs. I was overwhelmed with the wad of lights that lay before my eyes in one huge tangled up ball, but determined to decorate I started to tackle the mess.

Tom's job has always been wrapping the tree with lights, but I was trying to avoid another Redneck Christmas. You see last year I left the house while Tom put the lights on the tree and when I returned home I wanted to die. He had thrown purple lights with white cords up on the tree and there was more white extension cords everywhere.
I am sure if I would have let him our tree this year would have looked like this:

I was determined to make my tree light up from the inside out and Tom's meathod was out the door. So I googled "How to decorate a Christmas tree." My search found me a little man saying:
#1 You need a tree
#2 You might need a step stool
#3 And you might just need some lights......
That is all I could take of the little man in the santa hat. I decided I would wrap the lights as I put the tree together. Fast forward...48 hours I finally got the entire tree up and wrapped with lights, 600 lights to be exact. I was so proud of myself and excited to plug it in and see my masterpiece. Only one BIG problem. I could not find an extension cord that would fit the plug. URRR. When Tom walked in the door I yelled "HELP" and he came to analyze the problem. Well, it seems as if I had wrapped the entire tree backwards!!! Tom said "you better start unwrapping!" Oh my Goodness!! All that time wasted--I had to walk away from the tree. In true Tom fashion he saw this as an opprutinity to play on my frustrations. When I walked back into the room my man had the tree lit up and it was Fabulous!! Once again in true Tom fashion--he rescued me from my failure. By now all the kids were home from school and the fun began with putting all the ornaments on the tree. Zoe hung about 10 ornaments on the same branch, but in the end it turned out great. It is so fun this year to watch Zoe get so excited about all of the lights! We have told her there is no santa, but she is sure there is a santa because daddy is his elf. So I guess we will just go with that!

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Lisa Cairney said...

Sounds like Zoe's Daddy is MOMMA'S Elf!!!! Not Santa's. :) Glad you got all those tubs organized and your pretty tree put up, Miss Chenoa. My attic is waiting for your needs it desperately! Love you much.