Thursday, December 4, 2008

Field Trip Day!!!

Today was Bailey's 5th grade field trip to the Bellevue Food Pantry! I have to say of all the field trips I have been on this one was the BEST!!! I love to help others and right now with our economy in a crunch and the holidays rapidly approaching it was the perfect time to help fill the food bank. I can remember growing up there was a time when my family had to visit our local food bank for food because my dad was out of work. I also remember being so very embarrassed and didn't want anyone to know that we needed help, but that was just my pride. So maybe that is why this field trip was so meaningful to me.

Each 5th grader had to do jobs to raise money to go shopping for food. The money was then divided evenly between all the groups. Each parent had 4 kids in our group. Each kid in the group had a job. One was the cart pusher, one was the shopper (Bailey), One was the recorder and one was the accountant. All the groups started with $55.25 to spend and the goal was to get as many groceries as we could. The kids had to scan the store ads, dig through coupons and find the best deals. It was their math lesson for the day. My group rocked! We had a great time! My group didn't know they had been assigned to the thrift queen--I LOVE to find a bargin!! When we discovered a good deal I would do a little DANCE for them and they would die laughing. I am pretty sure Bay won't invite me to another field trip! Once we got to the check out if we were over our allowance the kids had to decide what to put back--Parents were not allowed to pay the difference. We did great-- Only having to put back Marshmallows! Next the kids loaded all the groceries on the bus and we were off to the Bellevue Food Bank!

I had to drive separately because Zoe was with me so I followed the bus. I was so busy dancing and rocking out to the Veggie Tales Praise CD that I didn't even notice when I cut off one of the buses. Pretty good entertainment for the kids on the back of the bus! Once at the food bank the kids made an assembly line and passed all the groceries inside. It was so awesome to see the excitement of all the kids! A little old man and lady run the food bank and told all the kids that last week they were down to just 3 cans of soup on the shelves. So it was perfect timing for our 5th graders to bless more families!


Lisa Cairney said...

Chenoa, girl, I can totally see you doing the happy dance in the store...I've seen that dance before...and I bet Bailey was glad you didn't have to put back more than the marshmallows, because I've seen the "Put it back right before checkout" dance from you as well! :) What an awesome field trip!!!! Which job did Bay have? She's be great at all of them....just like her mama; accountant, recorder, treasure hunter...You're the Pro!

Angela said...

Sounds like you had a blast! That is My Kind of Field Trip too!