Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wresting for the Scouts

Zach has found a new love--Wrestling! Every night after school Zach has been practicing with his team at Lewis and Clark Middle School for 2 hours. He was so excited when he came home with a team warm-up and uniform! Although I don't really understand the fun in wearing a Singlet, I think it is worse than wearing a speedo, Zach doesn't seem to mind! I also have a hard time watching someone besides his dad twist him into a little pretzel, so half the time I have to watch with my hands over my eyes. But Zach loves it and is having fun and we are proud of him for trying his hardest!
Just a little pre-match nerves!!
Oh, yes that is Zach stuck on his back getting chocked to death!


Jen said...

How can you stand it? Chan wanted to wrestle and I of course said no way!!

Excuse me but how do you have time to blog when your leaving in a couple days?

Miss you all, Love, jen

***LARISSA*** said...

Hey Girl! I keep checking on here every day to see how you are & photos of the new digs!!
(I changed my blog. I'm now at

Hope all of you are doing well, I think of you often :)