Monday, February 9, 2009

Father Daughter Dance

After 5 hard days of house hunting I made it back to Nebraska just in time to get Bay ready for her big night out with her Daddy. Every year the base has a Father/Daughter dance and we finally were able to get tickets!!! It is such a popular event it usually is sold out before I can get tickets--well not this year!! Daddy was at the ticket office before it opened to make sure he could take his little Princess for a night she will hopefully never forget!! This year the theme was Disco and I thought it would be cool for Bay to dress Disco, but she wanted to dress pretty instead!! Shocking to me since she usually chooses Zach's clothes over her own! I found 3 pretty dresses and she picked her favorite one ( I have to add it was on clearence for $7!!). Bay and Daddy looked to good!! I warned Bay about Tom's dancing--not so good! In the end they had a great night!!

Everyone needs Disco Glasses!!


Stefanie said...

So sweet!! I love to see the two of them all dressed up going to a fancy dance :)
I like the picture of Bay doing the limbo... but no pictures of Tom's sweet moves?? ;)
Love you!!

Mama Lisa said...

Chenoa! I love those pics! And Bay's glasses reminds me of the ones she had when she was little and came to Lily's rollerskating birthday you remember them? :) She looks so pretty...and Mr. Tom...what a hottie. :) Hopefully the hotness outshone his dance moves. :) So glad to know they got to do this before the Move. I love you and am praying for you and your house today! God will bring the Buyer!!!

Mrs. Rabe said...

What a sweet memory for your husband and daughter! She looked lovely!